Fitch & Creedie: twin sorcerers in training.

Fitch and Creedie Chan are Hex's pupils, a pair of identical eleven-year-old twin sisters training to become rune sorcerers. Fitch and Creedie were formerly among of the Faginesque Auntie Cora's horde of orphan delinquents, until Hex discovered the twins' sorcerous potential and took them under his tutelage.

Fitch is the more outgoing and assertive of the two sisters, but also has the shorter attention span. She's rambunctious and always quite happy to take part in anything remotely resembling mischief. She gets excited coming up with big ideas, but tends to lose interest when it comes to the details.

Fitch, or "Princess" when she's being particularly annoying, is a mini-fashionista. Her favorite color is lavender, and she loves getting dressed up, accessorizing, and getting mani-pedis. She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty though, as long as her nails don't get chipped. She smokes a pipe, despite Hex's efforts to get her to quit, and she keeps a variety of pet tarantulas and other large creepy-crawlies. Her favorite is her camel spider, named Bubbles, because nothing says cute & cuddly like a giant, hairy scorpion. Despite the clan's unanimous ruling that none of Fitch's arachnid beasties are ever allowed out of their enclosures, escapes do occasionally happen.

Fitch's familiar, Punkin, is a giant cream Sunglow boa constrictor with orange saddles and red eyes. The boa is scary as hell at first glance, but she's really quite sweet and caring, if not overly bright. She's easily influenced, so her ineffective attempts to restrain Fitch's mischief-making usually end with her joining the venture as an accomplice.

The youngest of the twins by seven minutes, Creedie is also the quieter sister, and seems more mature and level-headed. However, her still waters are just masking an impressive depth of deviousness. There's a good possibly she would end up a super villain if left to her own devices. Locksley encourages a high degree of sibling rivalry because she secretly worries if the twins ever joined forces, they might end up taking over the world.

Although Creedie's personal style tends towards tomboy chic, she enjoys a good mani-pedi just as much as her sister. She's more subdued than Fitch, and spends the majority of her spare time with her nose buried in books. She especially loves horror stories. The gorier, the better. And she delights in trying to gross out members of the clan, especially Hex.

Despite her fascination with the macabre, Creedie's most prized possession is her beautiful collection of hand painted, realistic porcelain hummingbird figurines. The centerpiece is a rare albino ruby-throated hummingbird feeding from an orchid tree flower. Absolutely no one is allowed to touch her figurines under any circumstances, and even Fitch won't risk Creedie's wrath by trespassing.

Creedie's familiar is Icarus, a hot-tempered flying squirrel with OCD tendencies. Icarus has been banned from Hex's lab because the squirrel's annoying tendency to rearrange things without authorization. Hex has his own anal-retentive system, but Icarus is always reorganizing the magical paraphernalia by color, size, and type.

Icarus easily offended and prone to picking fights with familiars considerably larger than himself. He's also highly imaginative. His personality varies depending on whatever type of hat he's wearing at the moment.

Regardless of his hat and accompanying persona, he's always wearing an eye patch despite having both eyes in excellent working condition. He usually wears it over his left eye, but occasionally forgets and wears it over his right eye. When asked how he lost his eye, by those who aren't aware he hasn't, he says "Pirates," and stares off into the distance with a dark expression.

Mai Tai, who really did lose his eye in a pirate battle, is not amused. Despite Locksley's assurance that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

When the twins first joined the Leviathan Street clan, it was clear they both needed additional challenges in order to channel their criminally delinquent tendencies. Adapting some of the Black Scythe lessons from her own childhood, Locklsey began training loud, energetic Fitch in the art of stealth. Though her sneak attacks are showing signs of improvement, she has yet to get the drop on Locksley.

For Creedie, the more intellectual of the two, Locksley uses the industrial plant's interior courtyard as one giant game board for three dimensional chess, using toy pirates as chess pieces. Icarus helps Creedie move the pieces too high for her to reach, but despite his minimal contribution, he takes the game very seriously. He declared Locksley his nemesis, using "guerilla warfare" outside the bounds of the game in an attempt to demoralize her. But his ideas of clever attacks involve incursions into her sock drawer to mismatch pairs, or taping unflattering drawings done in crayon to her door. Locksley doesn't take it personally, even finding it amusing, much to Icarus' vexation.

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