Severax: the sentinel with no sense of humor.

Severax is Vastienne's severe, right-hand sentinel. He's average height, lean as a whip, with eyes that change color to match his tie. His long silver hair is down past his waist, and he keeps it tightly braided. His towering wings look as if they were painted with the night sky, matching the heavens to the last star. He's always wearing a perfectly tailored suit and dressed head-to-toe in black, with two exceptions. His waistcoat and matching socks are always brightly colored, and always compliment whatever Vastienne is wearing.

He is also her familiar, allowing her to store massive quantities of excess magical power within him. There is a transportation spell tattooed around his neck allowing Vastienne to summon him to her side with the snap of a fingers, regardless of where he is in the city.

When he intervened the night of the demon attack, he moved too quickly for the others to see, but he stopped Locksley's fire from consuming Chenzi by cutting off Chenzi's arm at the shoulder. Then he snatched up Locksley and crashed into the river. The cold water had no effect on her flames, so he transported her into the netherworld. He took her to purgatory, letting her burn out her impotent rage in the freezing, barren wastelands. She lost consciousness, and her flames sputtered out.

Although Locksley's unusual lineage has piqued Vastienne's interest, Severax thinks Locksley's an abomination at best and a threat at worst. She's an oddity of nature, just like her grandmother's creator, the so-called Demon God who banished himself to hell. He's content to let Locksley's actions entertain Vastienne, for now, but the instant Locksley's inability to control her powers threatens his little master, he won't hesitate to cut off her head.

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