Ravenna Cho: the demigod leader of the Leviathan Street clan.

Ravenna Cho is the commander of the Leviathan Street clan, and one of its founding members. She oversees the clan's tea house out of an airship named the Iron Lotus, where patrons can enjoy tea, alcohol, fine dining, and gambling. The Iron Lotus is a former battle cruiser Locksley & co. captured during the Hyperion Insurrection and brought home with them.

Cho was born in Blackmire a few hundred years ago, in a temple dedicated to her father, a god of oblivion and death named Athonai. Although he is known as the Slumbering God, Athonai is not one to be underestimated. He is an Elder God, and his strength is not dependent on the prayers of his followers. His power comes from the Abyss from whence he came.

Demigods born to Elder Gods are extremely rare. Even before the Gods' War, the Elder Gods rarely took interest in mortals or the mortal realm. It was the Ascendant Gods who returned to the dally with mundane mortals. Most of the younger Ascendant Gods were actually born in the mortal realm. They were never mundane, though. They were strong and ageless, growing more and more powerful through conflict and experience. The most powerful immortals attracted followers of their own. The attention and spiritual energy of their supplicants only added to their strength, allowing them to transmogrify into gods.

The gravely ill and the infirm have always gone to Athonai's temple for a quiet end to their suffering. A dignified, ceremonial death with the assistance of Athonai's sedate and scholarly priests. After the supplicant is vetted by the high priestess, he or she makes an offering to Athonai at sundown. They pass their last hours in a calming purification ceremony that lasts the night. As the sky starts to lighten with the approaching sunrise, the supplicant is given a consecrated elixir called the Tears of Athonai. And then the supplicant gently succumbs to a permanent slumber under the warm light of the rising sun.

Despite its highfalutin name, the so-called Tears of Athonai is really just a potent type of morphium. This particular opiate is made from a rare, delicate, red cactus flower cultivated on temple grounds.

Cho grew up treated like royalty, with all the respect and deference due a demigoddess and heir apparent. She was raised to be a ruler, a high priestess like her mother, Ursula. Cho was always practical, though, and never had any interest in such finery or ceremony. She saw the temple as nothing more than a gilded cage.

When Cho was in her late teens, she ran away from her pampered life, preferring the excitement, danger, and anonymity of the lower levels of Blackmire. She had developed a fascination with death during her time in her father's temple, a macabre fascination she took with her when she left. Along with two friends she met in Downside, Cho founded the Bone Scythe demon hunter guild.

Over the centuries, Cho became less and less pleased with the way her guild was being run. The management structure she and the other founders had set in place to run the day-to-day operations was becoming increasingly autocratic. Management had begun placing their own agendas over the welfare of their guild members.

Eventually, she decided it was time for the Bone Scythes to be torn down. But Cho has never been one to act on impulse. From an early age, she showed a proficiency in Zheng Fu, a three dimensional board game of skill and strategy.

(The object of Zheng Fu is to capture the opponent's most important game piece, the citadel. The rules are relatively simple, but the game's innumerable possibilities of moves makes it the most complex game on the planet.)

Cho is patient and cunning, and she always looks at the bigger picture before making her move. When Management ordered the death of one of their members, she decided it was the perfect time to act. She passed along Management's internal memo to one of her favorite students, Locksley Rhaynes. Knowing Locksley's protective nature and propensity for violent impulses, Cho ignited the spark that would raze everything she once built.

A few years later, while Blackmire was embroiled in the Hyperion Insurrection, the denizens in the lower levels of Blackmire suffered the most. While Locksley and some of the others were conscripted into the militia, Cho stayed behind to battle the growing desperation and lawlessness in Downside. She roused Dia to action and they started recruiting people with skills, people who wouldn't let laws get in the way of doing what was right. And then they started rooting out the corruption.

When Locksley & co. returned to Downside after the uprising had been defeated, they discovered Cho and Dia had been fighting a war of their own. The destruction of the Bone Scythe guild left a power vacuum, and even worse elements were attempting to fill the void, but with fewer rules and more violence.

Now they had the numbers to firmly clamp a lid on their pot before it boiled over. They began systematically engaging the local big baddies, and took over Downside for themselves. The band of immortal criminals evolved into the Leviathan Street clan, sealing their covenant with loyalty oaths and matching leviathan tattoos.

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