Varga Wrathbone: the ogrish brother-in-arms.

Varganoth "Varga" Wrathbone is one qarter ogre. He's 6'5", with rough, gray skin, and broad shoulders. He has shoulder length dark hair, over which he often wears a beat up, old leather bowler hat. When he "ogres out," transforming into a full ogre, he has a large head with little pointy ears on top of massive shoulders, long ape-like arms, and short, tree-trunk legs. His lower canines stuck up out of his mouth like tusks. And his hair bristles from his neck and shoulders in a dark ruff.

He was born and raised in the Warren, the tunnels beneath Blackmire where the prisoners were once housed. Now it's mostly filled now with sewage works. The rest is filled with outcasts and mongrels. In the dark, the strong prey on the weak, and blood is the coin of the realm.

When Varga was fifteen, his half-ogre father was killed by a riot automaton sent into the Warren to clear the path for a maitenance crew. Enraged by his father's death, Varga ogred out and ripped the automaton apart.

More automatons were sent in, and he was eventually subdued, arrested, and charged with Anarchy. He was sentenced to die in the arena for the entertainment of the citizens. But he excelled, becoming one of the baddest creatures in the pit. His masters kept him pliable outside of the arena by force feeding him laudanum. Or when he was really injured, straight opium mixed with brandy.

Varga nearly lost his left eye in a fight with a manticore, leaving him with a thin, jagged scar bisecting his eyebrow and curving along his cheek under his eye. He can still see out of it, but he lacks peripheral vision. To compensate for his blind spot, he always tries to keep trusted Leviathans on his left.

He survived the fights for an unprecedented six years, but his days in the fight pit were numbered. But when the floating city of Hyperion attacked Blackmire, the city began looking for cannon fodder. Criminals could win their freedom by volunteering for the militia, and Varga signed up with all the rest. The vast majority of the criminal soldiers either died in battle or were executed for desertion, but Varga was fortunate enough to be assigned to Locksley's unit. He became a highly valued member of the team.

Between the head injuries and opiate-induced euphoria, Varga's personality changed a bit over the years. He still enjoys a good fight, but he's gotten a bit squeamish about blood. It makes him queasy. Sometimes he throws up, or simply faints.

Despite the prevalence of mechanical innovations in all of their daily lives, Varga is not a fan of technology. He is, however, a huge fan of alcohol. He has a series of intricate, carefully constructed stills hidden in an out of the way area of the plant.

Varga is one of the few members of the Leviathan Street clan who can handle sparring with Locksley, and vice versa. Even when not in the dojo, they rough-house constantly. Often to the annoyance of other clan members and occasionally to the detriment of their surroundings.

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