Jules Khando: the vulpine partner in crime.

Julin "Jules" Khando is part fox sprite and one of Locksley's oldest friends. They grew up together in the Bone Scythe assassin guild. They trained together, they fought together, they killed together, and they burned the guild down together. She's a dead shot with anything remotely resembling a projectile. She's 5'9", with honey colored skin, hazel eyes, and dark, wavy hair with blonde and pink highlights. She's only a year older than Locksley, but whereas Locksley could pass for mid-teens, Jules appears to be in her mid-twenties.

Jules has two fox tails, and she generally hides them beneath short bustle skirts. Fox sprites have reputation for being untrustworthy, and Jules would prefer not to be judged on silly superstition. Her canine teeth are sharp and her ears are pointy, but not enough to draw undue attention. She has the lithe grace of a dancer, the long, slender fingers of a pianist, and the right hook of a champion pugilist. Despite her willowy build, she is considerably stronger than she looks.

Jules' mother was a four-tailed fox sprite named Amara Khando. For years, as far as Jules knew, her mother sold her to the guild when she was eight years old, and then left the city. Amara was born and raised in Downside, the lowest district the city. She was a beautiful, but impoverished, young woman with remarkable hand-eye coordination. Despite her beauty, she was ostracized because she was half fox sprite. In stories, fox sprites have a reputation for mischief and malice.

Her ancestry didn't bother the owner of a local spectacle, who took Amara in and trained as a professional knife-thrower. She never missed, and as Amara's fame grew, so too did the number of her admirers. One of her favorites was a handsome young man named Caston Takai. He hailed from the top tiers of the city, visiting Downside with his elitist friends in disguise to "slum it."

He was extremely wealthy and extremely married. But Amara wasn't interested in his money, as she was acquiring her own. And neither was she interested in any sort of serious relationship, so his marital status wasn't an issue. Until their contraception failed, and they wound up with an issue of their own. Amara was content to raise the child on her own, but Caston had no intentions of abandoning his responsibility.

His wife was barren, and after years of failed fertility spells, he was delighted with the prospect of being a father. He had no intention of leaving his wife, though. Caston and Amara mutually decided to end their dalliance, but he continued to visit his infant daughter in secret. He would steal away from his wife and head to Downside incognito as a lowly airship sailor (in order to explain away his intermittent visitations to Jules as she grew older, without immersing her in his complicated life.)

Caston doted on his baby daughter, and he spent more and more time in Downside. His wife, Adosinda, began to notice his increasing absence, and grew suspicious. She had him followed and was furious to discover his "other family." Instead of confronting him, she decided revenge would be more satisfying.

Adosinda began poisoning him with trace amounts of lead. As the toxins built up in his system over the next few years, Caston began showing more and more signs of instability. He started suffering from memory loss, had difficulty concentrating, and was increasingly irritable.

Caston's behavior grew more erratic, and just as Amara was considering cutting him out of their daughter's life, the decision was made for her. Adosinda had bribed a doctor have Caston committed in an upscale, respectable "health sanitarium," which was really just a private mental asylum for the wealthy.

Amara was actually relieved. A few months passed, and Amara and Jules settled into a new routine. And then Adosinda bought the spectacle under an assumed name and had Amara dismissed. It didn't take much for Adosinda to blacklist Amara from every spectacle and every other job opportunity in Blackmire. And then Adosinda bribed a number of officials in the port authority to make sure Amara couldn't get any travel papers to leave Blackmire.

Then Adosinda bought Amara's building, raised her rent, and made sure no one else would rent to her. Although Amara had some money set aside, and Caston had tucked away some money for Jules, it didn't take long to burn through their savings on Adosinda's astronomical rent. Amara and Jules were turned out onto to street, and their neighbors shunned them, afraid Amara's "bad luck" was contagious, muttering among themselves that perhaps the stories about fox sprites were true.

After Amara spent a few months digging through the garbage to feed her daughter, Adosinda approached her with a proposition. Adosinda offered to give Amara her job and apartment back if she agreed to sign over her parental rights to Adosinda.

Amara thought long and hard about the right thing for her six year old daughter. There was no way she'd be able to care for Jules as long as Adosinda was doing everything in her power to destroy Amara's ability to make a living. The idea of finding a new family for Jules had already been foremost in Amara's mind, but the thought of her daughter being raised in the home of such a cold, manipulative woman churned her stomach.

It was clear Adosinda wouldn't stop until she finally took the one thing in the world that meant the most to Amara. But instead of giving up and giving in, Amara chose to give her child up to the most dangerous "family" in Blackmire, the Bone Scythe assassin guild. They had approached Amara several years earlier, before Jules was even a twinkle in her mother's eye. Impressed with Amara's knife-throwing skills, they had tried to recruit her, but she politely declined.

The Bone Scythe guild offered a handsome price for Jules, who had inherited her mother's remarkable aim. But Amara refused their money, and took her payment in the form of Adosinda's death and a set of travel papers. The guild agreed to Amara's terms, and assassinated Adosinda that very night.

While the guild arranged the travel papers Amara needed to leave the city and start fresh, she spent a few days in the guild's luxurious compound. Ignoring the ache in her chest, she spend every precious moment with her daughter. On the day her papers were ready, Amara couldn't bring herself to say goodbye. She waited until nightfall, and then kissed her sleeping girl goodbye, her eyes burning with unshed tears. Though it broke her heart to leave Jules, Amara truly believed the guild would safe guard her daughter. She couldn't remain in the same city as the child she would never see again. So she joined a traveling circus as a knife-thrower once more, and never set foot in Blackmire again.

Despite the reputations of fox sprites, Jules is one of the most dedicated and loyal members of the clan. She will sacrifice herself for any other member of the clan without thought or hesitation, regardless of how little she may know the other member. She considers anyone who has earned the leviathan tattoo to be family. But anyone who betrays her or the other Leviathans does so at their own peril.

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