Dia: the stone guardian.

Dia, short for Aegedia, is a Disgraced sentinel and the self-appointed guardian of Oldtown, the seedier side of Blackmire. He's 6'2", with espresso skin and eyes the color of steel. His black, short-cropped hair and stubble are flecked with gray.

Years ago, when Blackmire was embroiled in war with the floating city of Hyperion, the denizens in the lower levels of Blackmire suffered the most. While others joined the militia, Dia stayed behind to battle the growing desperation and lawlessness in Oldtown. He started recruiting people with skills, people who wouldn't let little things like laws get in the way of doing what was right. And then he started rooting out the corruption. His little band of merry criminals eventually evolved into the Leviathan Street clan, named for the main thoroughfare in their territory.

Dia was once a Reaper, a sentinel beloning to a goddess of death. He guided the souls of those who had died violently through the Netherworld, protecting them from any who would prey on them before they reached their destination. He was dedicated and faithful, never straying from his duty. Until he sacrificed his Grace to be with the woman he loved.

When he flew to the top of the tallest tower in Blackmire and jumped off, his fall was simply symbolic. It was his choice to forsake his god that lost him the divine Grace that had quickened him to life, thousands upon thousands of years ago. The Grace inside him burned away like molten lead, turning night to day with it's incandescence. Dia had always been a loyal and obedient sentinel to his goddess, and his Grace was significant.

When his Grace burned away, Dia lost his personal memories as well as his wings. However, a great deal of the knowledge he obtained over his vast lifetime didn't fade, he just doesn't remember how or when he gained the numerous facts rattling around in his head. His first real memory is of waking in the crater he had created upon his landing. A message in his handwriting was scrawled across his breastplate in blood, the name of the woman he loved, Su Yin Deveraux, and where to find her.

The only remainder of his wings were shades that looked like black, moving tattoos on his back and shoulders. His wrists bore scars from his manacles, forever branded into his skin when his burning Grace melted the steel from his flesh. Scattered around him, his once gleaming sword lay in broken shards.

As divine retribution for desertion, Disgraced sentinels can never again see the light of day. They turn into stone statues at dawn, remaining so until dusk releases them from their daily interment. Dia dreams during his daily in-ternment as a stone statue, but they fade quickly from memory as soon as he wakes.

To add insult to injury, no Disgraced sentinel can so much as place a foot on holy ground. Those who try feel ex-cruciating pain, eventually dying if they stay there too long. None of that mattered to him, though. He had new life with Su Yin.

His happiness was short lived, though. Just over two years after Dia's fall, Su Yin was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when she got caught in the crossfire during a botched bank robbery. The robber and the bank guard managed to kill each other and three bystanders, including Su Yin, who was heavily pregnant at the time. Su Yin lived long enough to hold her daughter, who was brought into the world two months too early. Neither of them survived the night.

Blinded by grief, and with no other recourse, Dia turned his rage on the Netherworld goddess who claimed his wife's soul. His own maker, the goddess of violent deaths. Dia couldn't commit suicide, though, because that didn't fall under her purview. In order for him to be able to confront his former goddess, he would have to die in battle.

He accepted the Black Scythes' standing offer for him to join their assassin guild. He spent the next two decades killing, until he nearly succeeded in dying in combat. His wounds were grievous. While he was gripped in fever and heavily medicated with laudanum, he saw a vision of his dead wife. She told him if he didn't stop his quest for vengeance, he would completely lose the man she married. Even if he succeeded in killing the goddess, the other gods would never allow him to be reunited with his wife.

His rage burned itself out along with his fever, only to be replaced with despair. He missed his wife so much it hurt to breath. He simply wanted to be joined with her once more. While he recovered from his wounds, drowning himself in laudanum, he comtemplated suicide. In an attempt to bring him back from the brink, the Black Scythes tasked him with training their newest recruit, a small, angry girl named Locksley.

Dia saw himself in her, recognizing the rage burning behind her quicksilver eyes. The girl eventually worked her way into his heart. Dia is the closest thing Locksley and the others have for a father. Unlike their own parents, Dia has always been there for them. And as long as he draws breath, he always will.

After his shattered right leg was amputated, Dia refused Jules' offer to make him a prosthesis. He wanted a simple peg leg instead, saying that it would make him look like a dashing pirate. Jules compromised and made him a hy-draulic peg leg using the same material as her own biomech arm. And Locksley presented him with a lovely, matching sword cane, which he keeps with him at all times.